Image panoramique 180° du gîte à la mer. Un concentré de Bretagne.

Accommodation for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

From the beginning, we wished the Gite could accommodate a person in a wheelchair on the ground floor. The challenge was real, because surfaces are reduced … Some "clinkers" ("false notes") in the course of achievement will probably deprive Ty Koad from the Tourism and Handicap label, but, to our mind, it remains very livable for an accompanied hemiplegic person.

Progress on the same level as the ground floor : you can easily go from the car (parked on the garage paving stone) to the ground floor, and to the future terrace (built at the beginning of April, 2013) in front of the house + "pontoon" at the same level linking the garage outwardly.

Rotation areas of 1,5m of diameter managed in the bedroom and in the living room.

Electricity : Switches 120 cms from the floor ; plugs : 50 cms from the floor.

Size of the toilets : For valid people, toilets form a rectangle of 1m x 2m. For a PRM, both swing doors -1m each- can open and form a partition at 90 ° of their closing position. It forms a new closed space, of 2m x 2m, (temporarily encroaching on the corridor), and thus becomes toilets for PRM.
Toilet pan in the standards and bar of support.

Size of the shower cubicle : the size of the shower enables a person in a wheelchair to get into the shower (Italian-style, thus on the same level as the floor) and with the bar of support to transport itself on the plastic seat under the shower. The operation, however, is not very easy.

Process in wheelchair under the kitchen work top : in the kitchen, the cupboards under the sink and under the cook tops are on wheels. For a PMR, they can be moved, which enables the person in a wheelchair to get nearer to the sink or the cook tops.
Similarly, the shelf under the board in the shower-room is removable. The bowl tap was placed on the side and not behind the bowl for better accessibility.
Careful, however, the height of the work tops (in the kitchen as well as in the shower-room) is not in the standards (85 cm instead of the 80 maximum required)...

Another weak point : outside, no path in the standards for a wheelchair neither towards the garden nor towards the road (too steep a slope) : a person in a wheelchair has to get to the Gite or leave it by car, or then by joellette !